About the Podcast

Release Notes is a weekly podcast about the business of Mac and iOS indie software development. We discuss inspiration, design, trends, and tools — everything but the code. The show is hosted by Charles Perry, owner of Metakite Software, and Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive.

Each week, we cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to make his or her way in the iOS and Mac ecosystem. Tips and tricks, success stories as well as failures.

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Your Hosts

Charles Perry is the owner of Metakite Software which specializes in building apps that productivity geeks love. Charles began his career with a Fortune 100 automotive parts manufacturer, where he developed software, conducted training, and generally did a little bit of everything. After tiring of corporate life, Charles returned to school as a high school mathematics teacher where he strived to teach students that math is fun. Today, through Metakite Software, Charles develops apps that cater to adherents of the Franklin Covey and Getting Things Done systems of personal productivity. When he’s not writing software, you’ll probably find him making a mess in the kitchen as he cooks, bakes, or brews. You can find Charles on Twitter as @DazeEnd or App.net as @dazeend.

Joe Cieplinski is Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive, makers of Teleprompt+ for iOS and OS X, as well as Setlists. He has two apps of his own, an aspect ratio calculator called x2y and a timer for live performers called Fin. Joe spent several years as one of the early presenters for Apple’s retail initiative, presenting classes such as Introduction to Mac, Garageband, iTunes, and several others at the Apple Store in Palo Alto. He has been designing iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications for many years in collaboration with two of his best friends. You can find Joe on Twitter as @jcieplinski.