The Pre-FemtoConf 2019 UnEvent

Release Notes is very pleased to be a sponsor of FemtoConf 2019, an intimate event that shares a lot in common with the mission of our own conferences.

Since we are sponsors, and Charles will be presenting, both Charles and Joe will be in attendance. We plan to arrive a day early, so we thought that we would take advantage of that extra time to organize a little “warm-up” before the conference.

And so we are pleased to announce our Completely Unofficial Pre-FemtoConf 2019 UnEvent. What’s an “UnEvent,” you ask? Well, just like it sounds, this isn’t a conference. There are no tickets. No speakers. It’s just a bunch of people arriving a day early to enjoy the sights, some good conversation, and each other’s company.

Facts in Brief

Who’s invited?

If you are attending FemtoConf 2019, you’re invited! And if you weren’t able to get a ticket to FemtoConf, you’re still invited!

Where is this going to be held?

Bacharach, Germany, which is about one hour from Frankfurt by train. Bacharach is a lovely little town on the banks of the Rhine River that dates from the 11th century A.D. and lies in the shadow of Stahleck Castle.

Bacharach from the PostenturmBacharach from the Postenturm
By Jiuguang Wang – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

When is this going to be held?

May 2-3, 2019. Details are still in flux, but tentative plans are to start around Noon on May 2. We will be traveling to Darmstadt for FemtoConf by train on the morning of May 3.

What will we do?

The main goal is to just hang out, get to know each other, and enjoy some conversation. Recognizing that sometimes a little structure can help start conversations, tentative plans call for a ferry ride on the Rhine to see some of the many castles sprinkled along the Rhine valley, a wine tasting of some local Riesling wine, a group dinner, and probably some drinks afterwards.

The next morning, on May 3, we will travel to Frankfurt by train and have lunch in the Sachsenhausen district, which is known for its good food and traditional drinks like Apfelwein, an uncarbonated hard apple cider that’s a regional specialty.

Pfalzgrafenstein CastlePfalzgrafenstein Castle
By Gary Bembridge, CC BY 2.0

How much will this cost?

Each person attending will be responsible for his or her own expenses. To give you an idea of the cost, estimates of some expenses that you will need to budget for include:

  • Train fare to Bacharach (20€ from Frankfurt Airport)
  • Lunch in Bacharach (20€)
  • Ferry ticket (20€)
  • Wine tasting (25€)
  • Group dinner (30-50€)
  • Evening drinks (?)
  • Hotel room in Bacharach (100€)
  • Train from Bacharach to Darmstadt (20€)
  • Lunch in Frankfurt (20€)

How do I sign up?

Join the Release Notes Slack group using the form below and then message Charles (@charles) or Joe (@jcieplinski) and ask to be added to the FemtoConf channel. We will use this channel for planning, and joining the group will help know how many people to expect for dinner, so that we can make a reservation.




Do the FemtoConf organizers know about this?

Yes. We asked Benedikt and Christoph for their blessing before organizing this, and they thought that this sort of extracurricular activity sounded like a great idea. We should stress though, that this UnEvent is not actually part of FemtoConf.

I have a question you didn’t address.

If you have any questions, you can message us on Twitter (@release_notes), or just join the Slack group and ask us there.

See you in Bacharach!