#47: Icky Is a Good Way to Describe It


Today we look at the controversy surrounding the game Threes! and the many inferior clones of that game that have appeared in the App Store. We start with a brief recap of the Threes! saga to bring those listeners who may not be familiar with the controversy up to date, then we discuss what the developers of Threes! could have been done to prevent this situation. We consider if a quality product is necessary for App Store success (Spoiler: No.), what we can do to give our own apps the best chance for success, and the culpability of the developer of 2048, the most notable of the Threes! clones. Finally, we talk about what Apple could have done to prevent this sort of rip-off, whether Apple is damaging its ecosystem by allowing cheap clones in its App Store, and what lessons other developers should take from this saga.

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