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#343: That Sounds Like a Lot of Work


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Today we’re discussing a survey that we’ve put together so that we can better understand what our audience wants to get out of our conferences. We talk about the process we went through to define audience personas, how we put our list together, and the process of designing the questions in our survey. Emails about the survey will be sent out tomorrow, but if you want early access, you can take it today at Continue reading

#342: Apologies Are Cheap


Today we continue catching up on what’s going on in our businesses. This time we focus on Charles and RelaNet. Charles talks about a problem he’s having with onboarding new customers and gets Joe’s ideas on how to fix it, then Charles gives an update on his search for a new client portal and how some of his thinking has changed on the issue. Continue reading

#341: I Don’t Care if You Choose to Accept It


Today we begin catching up with Joe and Charles about their individual businesses. We start off with Joe and talk to him about a long term contract that he’s been working on, progress that he’s made on his own mobile apps, and some marketing opportunities that exist for his products. Then we get an update from Charles on RelaNet and discuss his realization that his feelings about his business have seasonal ups and downs. Continue reading

#340: Tell Them It’s a Magic Keyboard


Today we talk about the newly released 16-inch MacBook Pro and our thoughts on this update. We talk keyboards, Touch Bars, design compromises, and discuss whether Charles or Joe is going to buy one of these new laptops. Continue reading

#339: I Don’t Want to Support This


Today we conduct a “therapy session” for Charles as he tries to decide whether to continue development of the home-grown client portal he uses for his RelaNet clients, or whether it would be better to use a third-party solution and use the time that is freed up for marketing. We talk about the current situation, examine the third-party solutions that are available, and explore the pros and cons of each option. Continue reading