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#350: You Might Want to Invest in a Good Pair of Boots


Today Joe announces a personal move, and we discuss how this move might affect his business. Continue reading

#349: The Business Side of the Hobby Business


Today we discuss the results of the conference survey that we recently encouraged our audience to complete. We talk about the survey itself, share the key results, and then talk about about how the results of the survey helped shape our decisions about the future of the conference. Continue reading

#348: Kinda Like Diffusing a Bomb


Last week we talked to Joe about his goals for 2020. This week we turn to Charles and learn what he has planned for the new year, as well as the technical and financial goals he would like to achieve before the end of the year. Continue reading

#347: It’s Not Going to be a Coffee Shop


‘Tis the season for goal setting! Today Joe shares with us the goals that he has set for himself and his business in the new year, and why he’s not opening a coffee shop in 2020. Continue reading

#346: Do I Get a Little Pin?


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As is our custom, we’re spending the last two episodes of the year reviewing our goals for 2019 and evaluating how well we met them. Last week we talked to Joe, so today we focus on Charles and the goals that he set for this past year. Continue reading