#53: No Major Hiccups


Today, Charles and Joe discuss the recent version 3.0 releases of their respective apps. Charles discusses his transition of backend providers and some of the problems and unexpected benefits that came up during the process. He also describes some of the challenges he faced in communicating these changes to his customers. Next, Joe catches us up on the release of Bombing Brain Interactive’s Teleprompt+ 3.0. He explains why they released it as a new SKU that has to be repurchased from the App Store, how they communicated that change to their customers, and how they helped their customers find the new app once it was released. Joe also shares how releasing the update as a new SKU has impacted their ranking in App Store search results, and gives his opinion on what types of apps can successfully release an update as a new SKU.

Show Notes & Links

  • StackMob – Now closed
  • FatFractal – Charles’ new backend provider
  • Mandrill – The transactional email service that Charles used to communicate with his customers
  • Automailer – The bulk email client that Charles used to communicate with his customers
  • MailChimp – The service Bombing Brain Interactive used to email their customers