Recent Podcast Episodes

#378: John Wilker (part 1)


Today we start discussing Joe’s preparations for his talk at 360iDev, only to be joined midway through by the organizer of 360iDev, John Wilker. We talk about the differences between an online and in-person event and the importance of supporting online events during this year of the pandemic. Then John Wilker joins us to explain how this year will be different, what he’s doing to help attendees avoid “Zoom fatigue”, and some of the tools he’s using to run an online conference. Continue reading

#375: Better to be Lucky Than Good


Today we catch up with Charles and talk about the results of his recent advertising campaign. We talk about how it was organized, the results, and how the results of this advertising campaign compare to his campaign from this Spring. We also discuss the fine line you have to walk when advertising in the midst of a global pandemic. Continue reading

#374: I Wasn’t Sleepwalking


Today Joe shares his experience with all of Apple’s pre-release hardware and software – at least as much as he can. We talk about what he’s doing with the ARM-powered developer transition kit (DTK) that he received, his thoughts on the Big Sur beta, and how his plans for RECaf are being complicated by some of the HealthKit features in iOS 14 beta. Continue reading