Recent Podcast Episodes

#416: I Hate Anything Forever


In this episode we continue talking about Charles’ plan for marketing RelaNet in 2021. Today we discuss Charles’ plan to start an affiliate program and focus on state-level organizations. We talk about affiliate rates, the affiliate software that Charles is using to manage the program, and all the supporting documentation and web pages that had to be created. Continue reading

#415: They Had No Guidelines


Improving his marketing is one of Charles’ main goals for 2021, and with the end of tax season quickly approaching, he finally has a little more focus about what he’s going to change. Today we talk about Charles’ marketing plans for 2021, and how he’s going to contact the members of a number of professional organizations that he has his eye on. Continue reading

#414: Maybe I Should Tick Somebody Off


Today we continue talking about the changes that Charles is making to RelaNet pricing tiers. In particular, today we discuss how to handle customers whose pricing would be different under the new pricing plans. Should these customers be grandfathered and allowed to keep their current pricing? Should they be forced to change plans, either immediately or after some number of months? These are the questions that Charles is wrestling with. Continue reading