#1: Conference Junkies


In this, our pilot episode, Charles and Joe discuss the importance of conferences to your business and to the Apple developer community in general. We answer the question of whether you should attend a conference (spoiler: Yes, you should!), the role of conferences in building community, and how to justify the expense in time and money that conferences represent. We discuss some tips for making the most of your time while attending a conference, suggest a few conferences for first-time attendees, and talk about ways to get involved in a conference beyond merely attending.

Show Notes & Links

The Çingleton Symposium
How To Attend a Conference – Charles’ tips for attending conferences

Note: At the time of this recording, CocoaConf Alt was planned for WWDC this June. This event has since been cancelled. Read more information about the cancellation here.

Update:Philippe Casgrain, organizer of NSNorth, has politely informed us that it was he, in fact, who gave the advice to sit at different tables throughout the conference. But he borrowed the idea from Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch at c4.