#20: Greg Pierce


Today we’re joined by Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise who makes such fine apps as Drafts and Terminology. Greg shares with us his experience in the App Store, what he was thinking about as he updated Drafts for iOS 7, and some of the history behind the x-callback-url system of inter-app communication which he developed. Then we talk about his experience in marketing Drafts, how Greg got into this industry in the first place, and why he created an app for an App Store niche that was already crowded. Finally, we get Greg’s take on app pricing and how he determines the price for his work.

Show Notes & Links

  • Agile Tortoise – Greg’s software company
  • A Ghost From the Past – Kyle Richter’s thoughts on Apple allowing downloads of older app versions on older iOS devices
  • x-callback-url – The system of inter-app communications that Greg created


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