#67: I Don’t Know What An MBA Would Call It


Today we take a look at market research and “market driven development” as a means of increasing an independent developer’s chances of success in the App Store. We discuss strategies for choosing a group of people to target with a new app, picking profitable app ideas that solve a target group’s problems, and the extent to which domain knowledge is necessary to build a great product. We also consider what types of market research needs to happen before you even open Xcode, and the role that existing competition plays in choosing to develop an app idea.

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This episode is sponsored by CocoaLove, a new conference for the Mac and iOS developer community being held in Philadelphia on October 24th to 26th, 2014. CocoaLove is featuring eleven amazing speakers (including our very own Joe Cieplinski) who will be focusing on timeless topics like the role of design and taste on success, building great products without the advantage of a large team, and responding productively to critical feedback. Attendance is capped at 150, and tickets are going fast, so act now. Go to CocoaLove.org to buy your ticket and get more information.