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#445: Not JavaScript


Today Charles takes his turn on the couch and talks to Joe about some problems he’s been dealing with. We talk about a feature update that has taken much longer than expected, how to push a contractor to make more progress, and a newly discovered issue with Charles’ e-signature tool that could be catastrophic if it is not quickly fixed. Continue reading

#444: Hundreds and Hundreds of Rejections


Today we are again discussing the Apple vs Epic lawsuit. This time we talk about the recent court order that denied Apples motion to delay removal of the App Store anti-steering provisions, what Apple’s next move might be, and we read the tea leaves a bit to try to better understand how the court might respond to some of the ways Apple might implement the court’s order. Continue reading

#443: Sort by Revenue


Charles has returned from Hawaii, so today we discuss how indies can plan ahead to have more relaxing vacations. We talk about things you can do before your vacation to minimize work interruptions, the seeming necessity of doing at least some work while on vacation and how that work can be minimized, and the inevitable catch-up that is required once you return to the office. Continue reading