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#368: Curtis Herbert (part 2)


Today we continue our conversation with Curtis Herbert about his iOS app Slopes and his work to bring it to Android. Curtis talks to us today about his experience hiring a developer for the first time, his attitude towards managing risk in his business, and why he doesn’t think learning Android development and writing the app himself is not the right answer for him. Continue reading

#367: Curtis Herbert


Today we talk to Curtis Herbert about his iOS app Slopes and his work to bring it to Android. Curtis shares the story of hiring and firing an Android developer and the effect that this year’s weather and pandemic had on revenue. Then we dig into the risks of continuing development on the Android version, and his current thinking on whether to postpone the project. Continue reading

#366: Your Customers Can Add


Today we talk to Charles about the new features that RelaNet will soon be offering, and how he plans to incorporate them into his pricing. We talk about his plans to offer a more expensive team plan, what that plan might look like, and his deliberations on how to charge and how much to charge for each plan. Continue reading

#365: The Transitive Property of Programming


Release Notes Happy Hour on May 14! See show notes for details.

So, it turns out that Joe is Android-curious. Today we talk to him about his interest in learning Android development, the current market for Android developers, and whether diving into Android might make sense for his contracting business. Continue reading

#364: A Full-Fledged Fork


Today Charles talks more about the e-signature solution that he settled on, and how he is using the product’s vendor as a pseudo-low-cost contractor to get the custom changes he needs in the short-term and the training he needs to maintain the product himself over the long-term. Continue reading