#24: Location, Location, Location


In today’s episode, we discuss how the location we live affects our businesses. We compare our experiences on the coasts with those in the Midwest of the U.S. and consider the different cultures and resources that those locations can offer an indie business or a startup. We consider the importance of a local tech scene in developing a community and share some hints for building your own Meetups and developing your local community. Finally, we talk about the relative merits of living in a metropolis versus a smaller city for networking and making connections that can benefit you and you business.

Show Notes & Links

  • E-gineering, LLC – an mobile development shop that’s done a lot to help build up the tech scene in Indianapolis
  • Launch Fishers – A co-working space and tech incubator in Fishers, Indiana
  • Correction: In this episode, Charles said that memberships to Launch Fishers were available for $100 per year. That was incorrect. The price is actually $100 per quarter.


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