#25: Put It in a Sentence


Today we’re talking about Joe’s new app, Fin, and the challenges he faced as a fairly new developer. Joe shares his experience implementing VoiceOver for the first time, as well as some of the difficulties he had to overcome in making the gesture-based interface of Fin work well with VoiceOver gestures. We discuss the importance of getting early feedback on a new app and how that feedback can provide the motivation to do what you knew you should be doing all along, then we talk about the deceptive complexity of polishing a “simple” app until it’s shippable, and the challenges of marketing a new app.

Show Notes & Links

  • Fin Timer – Joe’s new timer app for performers
  • UICatalog Sample Code – Apple’s UICatalog sample code that illustrates how to use the different controls in UIKit, and how to make them accessible to VoiceOver users
  • Release Notes #13: Accessibility – In which Charles suggests that it’s easiest to integrate VoiceOver as you go, rather than adding it into a project at the end


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