#3: WWDC 101


With so many people attending WWDC for the first time this year, we thought it might be fun to share our version of a “WWDC First-timer’s Guide.” In this episode, Joe shares his local knowledge of San Francisco and particularly the area surrounding the Moscone Center. We tell you what to wear, where to go, and where not to go. Joe shares some of his favorite places around Moscone to grab a bite to eat, find free WiFi, or just sit and enjoy a drink — including his picks for the best Bourbon and Scotch whisky selections in the city. We share a few tips for those who got a ticket to WWDC and then discuss options for those who didn’t, including a preview of Appsterdam’s AltWWDC. Finally we give some tips for keeping tabs on friends, finding the best parties, and generally making the most of your trip to San Francisco. Charles and Joe will both be in San Francisco for WWDC, so if you see us out there, please stop us and say hello!

Show Notes & Links

Note: All directions below start from the Moscone Center.

  • Free WiFi
  • Coffee and Tea around the Moscone Center
  • Bars Around the Moscone Center
  • Other bars mentioned in this episode
    • Absinthe Brasserie & Bar [web][directions] Note: Great Scotch whisky selection!
  • Public Transit
  • AltWWDC – The free Alt conference hosted by the fine folks at Appsterdam
  • Social
  • Other tips from Joe not mentioned in this episode:
    • If you happen to have a couple of extra days and can really get to see the city, some of Joe’s favorite restaurants:
      • Maverick
      • Pauline’s Pizza
      • Delfina Pizza
      • Blue Plate
      • Barbacco
      • Pazzia
      • Gespare’s
      • Paradise Pizza
    • Brunch on Saturday or Sunday
      • Mission Beach Cafe
      • Plow
      • Butler and the Chef
    • Coffee
      • Four Barrel
      • Ritual Coffee
      • The Coffee Bar
      • Mission Pie

Update: After the recording of this episode, we learned that the MoMA is beginning its long-awaited remodeling, and thus will be closed the week of WWDC and beyond. So that’s one fewer place to get free WiFi.